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Unique Program

The Cognitive Coach & Neurofeedback have joined together to develop a unique program. Both individual and co-coaching sessions with Doreen Bridgman MS, CCC, SLP (The Cognitive Coach) and John Andiorio M.Ed., BCB, BCN (Neurofeedback) are included in this program. This approach facilitates awareness of Brain Activity and the ability to implement ATTENTION TECHNIQUES. Strategies are presented simultaneously to improve planning and organization skills related to completing daily tasks such as morning routines and homework.

The participant will be able to see their brain activity while completing functional attention, memory and problem-solving tasks. The techniques can also be used to address the growing anxiety related to technology withdrawal.

Family education is provided and recommendations are shared with educators as appropriate. Communication with family and school is essential for the student to generalize his/her newly developed skills to the home and academic settings.

Call Doreen at 732-977-7381 or John at 732-974-3000 to get started.

Do you feel like you lost control of your life?  Have you had to move back in with your family?  Do you have difficulty making decisions?  Do you feel overwhelmed? 

CONTROL is defined as the power to influence or direct people’s behavior or the course of events.  As a Speech Pathologist providing cognitive rehabilitation to people experiencing traumatic brain injuries, a common theme has emerged and it is related to CONTROL. Clients consistently report frustration which sometimes leads to anger related to the loss of control they experience following their injuries.  This loss of control may be related to:

       -Having to move back home

       -Having someone taking over their finances

       -Having people making decisions for them

       -Having difficulty understanding information

Life becomes confusing and tasks that used to be completed with ease now require a significant amount of attention, concentration and time and still may not get accomplished.  My goal as the Cognitive Coach it to help clients regain CONTROL over their lives.  How do I do this?  It’s a multi-step process that involves

        -Education                                         -Task completion

        -Increasing awareness                      -Feedback

        -Goal setting                                      -Accountability.  

This process leads to gaining an understanding of brain function, identifying strengths and weaknesses, developing the ability to set realistic expectations and maximize the level of independence.  The end result is regaining CONTROL.

Step 1 in overcoming your challenges is to develop AWARENESS of those challenges. The lack of AWARENESS many people experiencecan be related to an injury, lack of experience or emotional denial.  This must be addressed in order to make the progress you are looking to achieve.  After all-how can you fix something if you don’t know what’s broken?  This necessary process is achieved in a safe environment after a level of trust has been established.  

Step 2 focuses on using that AWARENESS to begin to address the obstacles you are now facing.  Activities are completed and feedback is provided to increase awareness of performance and identify the factors that improve and/or interfere with that performance.  

Step three is to use this increased AWARENESS to set realistic expectations and anticipate the level of achievement based on variables present in different situations.

It’s Not Cookie Cutter!! Everyone is an individual.  Right?  Right!  Everyone needs their own plan for success. It’s similar to creating an individual recipe for each person.  Materials (activities), are chosen specific to the needs identified in the treatment plan.  As the Cognitive Coach. I will introduce ingredients (strategies) and we will measure the progress towards achieving your personal goals.  After careful analysis and evaluation, modifications will be made to boost the progress toward those goals.   Some of the variables that create individual differences may include life experience, personality, age, and  available support systems If you are still searching for answers after reading self-help books, it is and indication that you may be in need of your own special “recipe” in order to taste success. 


What People Are Saying

“The outlining skills have helped me so much!”-RS

"Thanks Doreen for everything you've done for me. You have really helped me overcome my injury."-KP

"Doreen is hard-working, trust-worthy and teaches through example.
She is highly skilled at helping others achieve their goals and maintain focus."-CC


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